Sunday, May 31, 2015

this TAG


hi guys! its been a while..a lot thing happen to me for a few month ago but still here..writing for you guys.just a bit busy with my work..well anything yang must go on kan?

this year im 30 years old.waa seriusly? still tak percaya..dah half umur pun..dah hidup selama 30 tahun and apa yang fyna boleh proud of myself..umur 30 and dah dapat capai apa yang fyna hajati..not everything but half but..well ..ok la kan?

so entry kalini fyna tak nak tulis pasal review makeup and so on because fyna rasa dah tak ada idea nak review2 ni but wait...fyna akan tulis jug review with my honest opinion like before but entry kalini fyna nak do.. TAG!


not just a TAG..fyna ada browse di google " still single at 30 " hahahhahaha i knoww then fyna jumpa this TAG and fyna rasa..nk buat..hmm buat ke tak?

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge!

1)      Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”
2)      Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.
3)      Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.
4)      Your biggest fear as a single person.
5)      The biggest misconception you think people have about single life
6)      Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”
7)      Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point
8)      Five things that are most important to you in a future mate
9)      Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” – Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do (For example, I sometimes dance around the house with my cat to Frank Sinatra)
10)   Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit you
11)   Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date
12)   Your proudest accomplishment
13)   Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship
14)   Describe the last moment you felt really, truly blissful
15)   Narrate a conversation between you and someone in your life who you never had closure with (a friend, an ex, a family member, etc.) What would you say? What would they say? What outcome would you hope for?
16)   If you planted a time capsule right now of your life to be opened in 20 years, what would be in it?
17)   What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they impact your relationships/relationship status?
18)   If you could have a conversation with yourself in high school, what would you say?
19)   What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?
20)   Describe your most difficult breakup and what you learned from it
21)   How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?
22)   What fictional character in a movie, tv show, or book do you identify with and why?
23)   Talk about a moment when you got annoyed with a married friend, a person in a relationship, or a person with kids (Be honest! No judgment!)
24)   If you could relive ONE day of your life, what would it be? And would you change anything?
25)   Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?
26)   Name a song that makes you cry every time you hear it and why
27)   Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.
28)   Describe a moment when you made a big, bold move. In any area of life: Career, Love, etc.
29)   Who is your closest or most special friend that you’ve never met and what do they mean to you? How did you cross paths? Talk about how you “met” them: Facebook, Twitter, an online support group, etc.
30)   Write a letter to your future mate saying whatever you want to say
fyna rasa fyna nak buat! yes! boleh boleh boleh! my 1st answer akan di publish ok see you tomorrow!


TheAshchronicles said...

i want to do this tag as well kak fyna! I sooo feel ya! single & rocking it (lol, sometimes). Will look forward to your tag and I will do this as well. Here's my blog link if you wanna check it out.. hheee

TheAshchronicles said...

i mean check my blog out.. xbuat lagi tag ni.. ^^,

Nisa Kay said...

join jugakk entry tag ni ya :)


me too interested nak buat jugakk tapi sekarang tengah final..boleh hold dulu?hehe

Cik Siti Hajar said...

fyna.. nak join!

Nur Hamizah said...

join! haha

Putery Memory said...

Hi sis fyna . Putery Memory here ,belum terlambat lagi kan? eheh , i'll marathon for this challenges. Nak join juga .

Sarah Harun said...

nak join juga. hehehe

siti hajar said...

nak join jugak walaupun macam dah terlambat sikit. hihi..

Ice Nerini said...

Salam kak fyna. saya baru habis baca start dari post terakhir sampai post first utk challenge ni. ya Allah..sangat-sangat-sangat inspired. kak fyna mungkin boleh tulis buku kot? saya boleh describe kak fyna seorang yang very strong. You have a very strong heart. saya harap boleh jadi macam kak fyna:) Thanks sbb dah wrotes such the very good posts. Saya doakan kak fyna sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah dan semoga dipercepatkan jodoh..Amin.. Saya percaya, kalau jodoh tu kita x jumpa di dunia, InsyaAllah bertemu di syurga. Yang penting sentiasa perbaiki diri untuk menjadi yang lebih baik, insyaAllah. Kak fyna, you are too fabulous :))