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review : SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask


SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask
[ Description ]
Proven to solve the causes of pores and excess sebum secretion, Glacial Clay Facial Mask purifies the skin in and out, as well as minimizes the enlarged pores and firms the sagging pore walls. 
Both the two main ingredients - Glacial clay, removing accumulated impurities deep in pores, and oatmeal, eliminating surface debris and moisturizing
- Act together to treat against potential skin problem. The formula absorbs excess sebum and prevents the appearance of black heads while leaving cooling effect after. This is not just an instant "cover up" product: without clogging or filling the pores, thissilicone free everyday facial mask will promise you long term results for your clearer & firmer skin.
Pore Contraction / Sebum Control / Acne Treatment / Deep Cleaning / Hydration Balancing
[ Main Ingredient ]
Canadian Glacial Clay
- Sebum control, Skin Waste removal, Acne resolving, Calming
- Dead cell removal, Skin softening, Deep Hydration
Tea Tree Leaf
-Acne prevention, Acne resolving, Calming
[ How to use ]
Apply enough amount of the mask avoiding direct eye area after cleansing. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off gently with warm water.
Recommended frequency:
2~3 times a week for oily skin 
1~2 times a week for dry to normal skin
[ Recommended for ]
- Acne-prone skin with lower hydration level
- Sagged/wide-open pores
- Deeply-rooted, dark blackheads
- Uncontrollable, excessive sebum
- cakey look after make up due to dead cells/skin waste
[ Size ]

after 15minutes

i love mask! fyna ada banyak mask but mostly mask jenis mud ni lah..why? sebab kulit fyna oily..
mud mask memang sesuai sangat untuk kulit oily

so far this is one of my fav mask

if kulit fyna oily sangat2..kulit fyna akan nampak shinny sangat2 and bila pegang memang berminyak
then kulit akan jadi kusam gitu

so fyna akan guna mask ni..honestly sekali saja guna kulit fyna akan terus hilang minyak dan cerah bila tengok cermin tak lah nampak shinny and kusam je
plus fyna pakai mask ni seminggu 3 kali and fyna rasa ada perubahan pada pores..maybe keep guna pores fyna akan mengecil insyallah

clay mask memang sesuai untuk oily skin sebab ia akan menyerap kesemua minyak di muka

clay mask selalu buatkan muka fyna kejung nak senyum ke apa memang tak boleh haha

but this one langsung tak mengeras..ia mengering tapi rasa mask tu lembut saja di bila cuci pun mask ni senang tanggal

masa fyna apply mask di muka..ada rasa macam tajam2 sikit..tapi tak lah sakit.rupanya ianya ada cleaning proses for pores which is great!

lepas cuci muka..kulit fyna rasa sejuk.calm and jerawat yang baru nak naik tu dah kecut..kulit rasa lebih lembut dan tona warna kulit lebih sekata

harga | RM71.00

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*Disclaimer: I received the product reviewed from the company in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and may differ from yours.


syira yaya said...

Woaaa,mcm best je produk ni :)

Anonymous said...

kak fyna, mcm mne hilangkan parut bekas jerawat?

Syafik Kamaluddin said...

laki boleh pakai ?

Syafik Kamaluddin said...

laki boleh pakai ?

surianie samsudin said...

nice blog...banyak info cantik cantik nie...meh meh follow blog saya tau...saya pun jual product kecantikan...