Sunday, May 18, 2014

twin cake powder


pernah dengar pasal twin cake powder?
twin cake powder ni macam 2 in 1 + powder..selalunya mempunyai high coverage..

twin cake powder ni sangat senang untuk girls yang in rushing atau sukakan yang simple but still nak nampak flawless

fyna dah try banyak jenis twin cake powder..ada yang buatkan kulit fyna gelap..too powdery and bercapuk.euwww

ok kalini fyna nak review pasal vacci twin cake powder from Hansaegee Nature

 SPF 28 PA++
Type: Foundation
Use: Face
Form: Powder
Volumes: 14g, Size: 74.5 × 31.5 × 77.5(mm)

[The Special Features]
It protects the skin from UV in life effectively and makes up your skin lively because it contains natural mineral oil.

It offers soft and fluffy feelings as if you wear make-up just before without being glossy or sordid by sebum and sweat. And moisture ingredients of hyper function keep your skin moist and healthy.
[The main ingredients]
Propagermanium, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, Laminaria Extract, Undaria pinnatifida Extract, and ect.

[How To Use]
Apply an appropriate amount of Twin Cake to all over the face with puff as padding lightly after expressing the color of skin tone by foundation or make-up base.

vacci twin cake di datangkan dengan 3 warna and mempunya spf 28
this one is my fav now..texture dia sangat halus..tak macam twin cake lain..for natural look korang boleh guna dengan span terus ke wajah korang..untuk more coverage..basahkan span and dapkan twin cake..then apply di wajah korang
if you need more more coverage..boleh pakai lepas pakai foundation..ia akan buatkan kulit korang sangat2 flawless..and yang paling best tentang twin cake ni..ia tak berdebu..bila apply di wajah..kulit akan full coverage but still natural
and the best part is lama2 ia akan buatkan kulit kita cerah

vacci twin cake dari Hansaegee Nature ni adalah if you guys tengah megalami masaalah kulit..jangan risau..ia tak akan worsekan kulit korang malah merawat kulit..thats why fyna suka dengan mineral makeup ni

as you guys see..even ianya mineral makeup...terkena air pun..ia tak kan?maintain saja bedak tu and you guys can see ia nampak natural kan? 

owh pores!
fyna ada pores yang memang this powder helps me a lot!



Nys Anis said...

yeahh. looks like really helps to cover the pore but does it last?

Anonymous said...

Fyna, kalo bli online cmne nk tau which one suit to our skin colour..?