Monday, July 30, 2012

review : Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick ,Mauve It Over 003


kali ni fyna nak review my fav lipstick!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
003 Mauve It Over

is a mauve-peach-brown shade with warm undertones that would be a perfect nude colour for some lip shades.



my review
  • i just love it
  • lipstick ni texture dia jenis creamy so sangat senang nak apply
  • even lipstick ni jenis matte tapi dia tak keringkan bibir fyna..dia melembabkan bibir fyna
  • fyna memang dah lama nak cari lipstick jenis Matte..sebab jenis matte buatkan bibir lebih nampak full and munggil  dan tahan lama
  • lipstick ni tak ada bau..which i loveeeeeeee sebab lipstick yang ada bau memang tak best la kan
  • this lipstick is the best nude kalau korang nak lipstick yang nude..this is the one
  • sangat sesuai untuk pakai tiap class atau pun ke tempat kerja sebab dia tak shinning so tak over sangatlah

kepada yang berbibir lebam atau warna tidak sekata, fyna suggest beli lipstick jenis matte..dia boleh samakan warna bibir korang

where to buy:



Annyss said...

aaa..!! cantiknya warna dia! dah lama usha lipstick ni tp entah kenapa tak terbeli2. hahaha. lepas tgk review ni makin membuak2 rasa nak beli tu. :D

Riri Yoorin said...

suka la kaler lipstick gini.. nak jugakkk

Rina Hamid said...

fyna, dulu pun sy slalu pakai lipstik ni..hehe..mmg cntik kaler skang dah pakai revlon pink in the afternoon..yg tu pun cantik..try la..very vintage kaler dia..hehe

khairul akmal bin azman said...

30 ringgit !

Syafiqah Hashim said...

yess, i know! REVLON my favorite lipstick..ada macam-macam variasi kaler boleh dapat...

Nurul Mazni Sawal said...

dah lama tak datang blog sis fyna.. owh! selalu tengok lipstick nie.. each time nk ambik, dok fikir lipstick nude color banyak lagi.. maybe next time boleh consider utk beli yg nie pulak! :)

Nurul said...

nurul pun guna lipstick ni ^ ^

check out my review:
revlon mauve it over

and MUFE HD liquid foundation

AYU ALUDRA said...

wah menarik ni sbb fyna yg promo kak ayu kena carik laa :)

Sweetheart-Bitch said...

Me love this color too,looks like mbbb (my lips but better). I also love cocoa crush and blush. Revlon makes best lipstick (and best long lasting foundie,revlon colorstay i heart you!) and i choose this over mac,shiseido and estee lauder. Also,if you had tried stage wonderluxe lipstick(my fav matte lipstick),the formula feels just like they were the same product but difference packaging,no wonder since both were carried by alliance cosmetic. Also,since loreal is big sister of lancome,do expect some department brand experiences by buying the drugstore product,if they are not the same,they could be better =) and honestly i do love drugstore cosmetics especially revlon rather than department brands but my itchy hands haishh,they wont listen to my pocket =(

Fyna,ever tried ZA? They have good 2 way foundation and i do feel the blusher feels a bit like highly raves nars blusher (both under shiseido),also majolica majorca have good mascara for dolly looks but make sure you have good make up remover since it is such a pain in the s to remove them (frame plus i dont remember the exact name).

ZanIeda said...

jenis matte tu mcm mane ye?

Anonymous said...

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jelloo said...

Considering this is a light and nude shade, you actually get good pigmentation, plus this applies smooth and not too drying. Love this shade, a perfect lips-but-better for me. Here's my in-depth review if anyone is interested: