Thursday, July 26, 2012

next review ( Le Beau Monde )


fyna dapat a bunch of beaty product from Le Beau Monde untuk di review last week

lets see apa yang fyna dapat

yeay! banyak kan? 

apa benda ni?

hehe fyna akan buat review satu per satu nanti ok?

wait for next post today..fyna nak review 1 product dari sini TODAY!



nur anis said...

tak sabar nak tunggu review masker tu..:)

Fear'Ara said...

just to share .. some of the Japanese product do harm to our Malaysian skin ., so be careful.. make sure read the label and the ingredient thoroughly.. :-)

Sweetheart-Bitch said...

Cure aqua natural gel? Wah! Fyna,cepat buat review eventho makeupalley rate dia tinggi,tapi i nak dengar opinion from you. Tengok ramai suka product ni since it is mild exfoliater tapi i second to fear ara,japanese skincare sometimes tak sesuai untuk malaysian. Serik pakai hada labo. Kose pulak alcohol based,eventho the alcohol works to strip the dead skin for white and luminious skin,a sensitive skin (cough me cough) are not happy lor.. Tapi cure ni 90% water kan? Some sellers sell it over rm120 tau,tak sanggup nak spend if it end up to be in the dustbin. Till then,i'll wait your review ^ _^