Sunday, October 10, 2010

I don’t care what they say..I’m gonna be with you

Yesterday you asked me something i thought you knew..So I told you with a smile..then you whispered in my ear and you told me "you'd make my life worthwhile, so hold me close and say three words like you used to do"


I know they wanna come and separate us but they can't do us nothin, 
Your the one,I want and I’m a continue lovin, 
Cause your considered husband and I’m,considered wifey, 
And I’m a always be there for you, 
And no one knows why I’m into you, 
Cause you'll never know what its like to walk in our shoes, 
And no one know, the things we've been through,
 Can never measure up to half of what I put you through, 
That’s why we'll break through, 
You are everything in my life see the joy you bring, 
And ain’t no one I compare you to, 
And I know that you will never walk away from me no matter what, 
And that’s why I plan to do the same thing for you, 
And I want you to know, 
I don’t care what they say 
I’m gonna be with you

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ardinihumaira said...

;) jangan pk apa orang cakap kan dear