Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I DON'T Want My Ex Back

Do you really want your ex back? I can think of so many reasons why I wouldn't want my ex back, and why you shouldn't neccessarily want your ex back - Not everyone wants to get back together with their ex!
The reality is though, the ending of a relationship can still be painful, even when want to stay out of the relationship.
But what do you say when your friends ask you if you'd want your ex back? Or how do you actually convince your heart that you don't want them back, after all the history you have together? 

Here's some ideas!

...I don't want my ex back because:
* That relationship really made me realise what I don't want in my life!
* Everything they ever said was a lie.
* They were cheating on me the entire time!
* Why would I want to be with a person who doesn't love me as much as I love them?
* Ex = O V E R * They're an EX for a reason - And I remember that reason!
* I coudn't trust him/her to walk across the road alone without trying to cheat on me.
* I would rather make out with anyone in the room them give my ex a second of my time!
* I learned from that relationship - I know what I want and I want to move forward!
* My life seems more peaceful without them!
* I got tired of their emotional baggage
* I plan on meeting someone better!
* It took me ages to break it off - I'm not getting back in the same situation I was in after all that effort!
* I don't trust them.
* I want a better sex life
* I'm feeling free and ready to flirt!
* There's someone else I'm looking forward to meeting.
* He/She said they could do so much better - And I'm willing to let them do that!
* The whole relationship was a mistake.
* I moved on ages ago and don't even think about that person! I hardly remember their name!
* Errg... No thankyou! That would be degrading myself!
* They cheated on me. Full stop.
* I never really saw a bright future for that relationship.
* I've got other dreams now, which don't involve an ex.
* Bad kisser, bad manners, too many bad habbits...
* I never really fell in love with them in the first place.
* He/She was already given enough chances!
* I say TomATO and they say Tomato...It was too annoying.
* I get more cuddles from my kitten than I ever did from them.
* I would rather be locked in a cupboard for a year than give my ex another try.
* Once bitten, twice shy.
* They were addicted to porn and I prefer real life action!
* He/She played around so much I was worried I'd get a sexual disease!
* He/She is married. Not to me.
* He/She doesn't seem capable of a committed relationship.
* He/She doesn't have a clue about love.
* He/She only want's me after we've split up.
* He/She did not understand why I was not comfortable about regular meetings with his/her ex.
* He/She stayed up late every night cheating on me with avatars!
* He/She would get drunk and turn into a five year old child.
* I'm over playing games.
* I like being able to decide what to wear on my own, without being scruitinized!
* I like being able to talk to whoever I like without being scruitinized!
* I like being single.
* Now I can choose my own friends!
* The minute I agree to be 'friends' he/she will ask if I'll sleep with him/her again.
* I don't chace them - I replace them!

so choose! 


ardinihumaira said...

kalau boleh, dni tak nak terserempak pun ngan ex... apatah lagi kontek2.. huhu.. siesly.. yang sudah tu sudahla, kan..

cik aiLebiu said...

ingat je ni, dah ludah nak ke jilat balik? sounds like a bit harsh..hehe ;)

Green Apple said...

Jodoh ni kerja Allah..Dia yg lebih mengetahui siapa yg terbaik buat anda. Life must goes on.

Green Apple said...

Life must goes on..buat apa nak fikir orang yg dah tak sayang kita. Jodoh ni.. Allah dah tentukan yg terbaik buat kita.

Yana@Nana said...

salm kenal n singah.. terpesona tengok owner blog yang cun ni..seyes..

heheh kalu yana yang EX boy semua.. Putus bukan PUTUS sebab YG menyakitkan.. kALU jumpa.. sure Berdebar.. but BUAT bodoh je..dulu EX boy SEMUA just cinta BUDAK sekolah..
N now PUNYA. sayang sgt N nak DIA jadi SUAMI yana.. n INSYALLAH lagi 10 days DIA akan JADI suami yana..

SORRY bebel kat sini.. u kisah tak ..jom follow mengfollow..
kalu sudi.yan follow kamu yer

IDA said...

tp ex u yg last tu x jahat mcm di ats kn? but adelah some certain things yg u x puas hati dgn die gak kn? neway bf u skrng pn dh baik..x perlu syng ex blk pn..envy wif ur happines...hehe..:P kiddin only

fyna said...

ida: hehe dia la ex terbaik i penah ade ^^ tapi past is past kan..rase terharu jugak bile dia ade tulis entry pasal i kt fb dia even kiteorg da putus..hehe

fyna said...

yana: hehe yeke? gud for u..nanti kenduri jemput k =)

fyna said...

green apple: ye agree =)

fyna said...

ailebiu: haha bgus!

fyna said...

ardinihumaira: hehe i stil ok ngn ex i kwan2 biase la..nk back to them no la kan =)