Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm so hot and gorgeous, that men are always falling all over themselves for me, and my bitchy woman friends tell me I look like a pile of dirt.

LMAO just kidding!

What do you REALLLY think when women pull the jealousy card? Is it valid? I am not Angelina Jolie, but I'm not a scary monster either, I actually would consider myself okay looking even though I never have time for makeup and hair and all that....but I've never had a huge jealousy issue, or at least if they were it was behind my back. Maybe I just don't have anything to be jealous of lmao!

A question that has been troubling me for some time is
"Why do people gossip?" 
Why do people make up lies or say mean things behind other peoples' backs? 
Do they not feel good about themselves, get gossiped about too, feel they have to prove themselves? 
Do they not have anything better to do or something? 
And why would they talk about you behind your back when you never spoke a word to them and they don't really know you?

what i do?

it doesn't bother me because it just proves how arrogant and shallow these people really are, someone used to do that to me and it used to bother me alot, but then i thought (why i am letting this get to me) she's the one with the problem, not me, so if people say things about me behind my back, fine, let them, because they look pathetic when approached and proven wrong, i simply do not have time for these people, they are pathetic and so low in esteem that they have to big themselves up but cutting someone down..pathetic little people..

Apparently they don't have shit else positive to do,and also they find easier to talk about other people than to talk about themselves.

I have strong feeling that whoever talk behind me ,can't be my well wisher so let them do their job ,i will never fight with them,
there is a sayin 
so keep enjoying ,Let the dogs bark.


P/S: sorry my english aint perfect..but im working it

ade yang terasa ke? haha



ardinihumaira said...

nape ni dear.. ada anonymous mengacau ke.. huhu

::CiK MaiMooN:: said...

I like ur statement sis!
Jelez mke u femes!
Mayb she d0nt get what u have.haha

Pinky Pixie said...

thanx for following me too. cik fyna, siyesly u look so cun la, that y dyorg jeles.. =)

fyna said...

ardinihumaira: hehe =)

fyna said...

cik maimoon: maybe la..=P

fyna said...

pinki pixie: u pon cun =) welcome ^^

ardinihumaira said...

haaa... kan.. u memang gojes... orang jeles je tu.. biau kat dia. kalo sape jeles, dia uduh.. wakakakaka jahatnya dni..

maka dengan itu jangan jeles2 kang jadi uduh...