Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Covenant

The Covenant

smlm aku tgk cite ni..tgk tajuk cm best je kan..even cite ni taun bg aku sgt2 best la cite ni..n xrugi tgk...haha plus bile ade mamat hot2 dlm file ni n bdn sume tuff2..lagi la menarik aku untuk tgk cite ni..ops! bkn gatal ma..girl mane yg xsuke bdn laki yg sasa2 plus muke lak hot..ful pakage tu..hehe

p/s: marry me caleb . lol

the summary

To the students of the Spenser Academy, the Sons of Ipswich are the baddest boys on campus. But that's not all they share. The four friends also share a 300-year-old secret: they're warlocks, the teenage descendants of a 17th-century coven of witches. So when the long-banished fifth son suddenly appears and threatens to kill their loved ones, they realize they must face their enemy in order to prevent him from stealing their powers and shattering the covenant forever.

phm? xphm wat2 phm je..hehe..sbb aku pon xbp phm tgk cite ni..mule2 cite dah lagu cm black metal 1st mmg da sronok la..suspen je memanjang..xde peluang ngatok tgk cite ni..hehe

Caleb is played by Steven Strait.
Pogue (long hair) is played by Taylor Kitsch.
Reid(blonde) is played by Tobey Hemmingway.
Tyler is played by Chace Crawford. And the
5th bloodline, Chase is played by Sebastain Stan.


Hisham said... ek citer ni...tq 4 the cre

fyna said...

so true! so jgn lupe tgk tau!

Anna said...

Hi salam kenalan..Welcome u to visit my to meet u :)